08 May - 09 May 2025
Geneva Switzerland

TabExpo was back with a bang in 2023 and we can't wait to land in beautiful Geneva in 2025, the home of some of the world's largest cigarette companies.

WVS - Meet the Buyer UK

WVS - Meet the Buyer UK

08 May 2024
East Side Rooms, Birmingham, UK

A unique opportunity for UK brands, retailers, and distributors to meet at an intimate networking event.

WVS - Meet the Buyer Asia

WVS - Meet the Buyer Asia

05 February 2024
Sofitel, Manila, Philippines

A unique opportunity for brands, retailers, and distributors in the Philippines to meet at an intimate networking event.

WVS - Meet the Buyer Europe

WVS - Meet the Buyer Europe

16 April 2024
The Westin, Warsaw, Poland

A unique opportunity for brands, retailers, and distributors in Poland to meet at an intimate networking event.

About Us Africa



With more than 30 years of experience supporting the tobacco industry, World Tobacco Africa is owned by Quartz Business Events Ltd. Organisers of the largest network of tobacco-related exhibitions and conferences in the world, World Tobacco Africa is part of a hugely successful portfolio including the global series of World Tobacco Events, World Vape Show, TABEXPO and World Shisha.

Who are Quartz Business Events?

Since its first tobacco event in 1973, Quartz has organized industry exhibitions and conferences in Munich, Jakarta, Bali, Macau, Kunming, Hong Kong, Prague, Moscow, Vienna, Amsterdam, Geneva, Nice and The Hague, among other top locations. Today, the company is best known for its popular WT Middle East, WT Europe and WT Asia events held in the tobacco-friendly cities of Dubai, Switzerland and Surabaya.

Always evolving with industry developments and consumer preferences, QBE now also offers events for the shisha and vape segments - in just three years World Shisha Dubai is now the largest gathering for shisha professionals in the region, and the award-winning World Vape Show is set to host over 15,000 attendees in June 2024.

Why are QBE events unique?

QBE prides itself on really understanding each distinct community it serves—and listening. The business has a great team [that] knows their industries intimately and cares deeply about those industries. QBE doesn’t facilitate exhibitions for an industry; our events are drivers of the industries they serve.

Since the first tobacco event in 1973, the team behind QBE and WT has largely remained in place and has worked to help support the tobacco industry through the many twists and turns it has faced. The business is very proud of its accolade as the longest exhibition organiser in the tobacco industry, and as our portfolio of products grows, we look forward to adapting and innovating alongside the industry we serve.

Why are the dates and locations of the tobacco events important?

The locations that are now associated with World Tobacco, although well established, were carefully considered at the time to ensure that the host governments were not hostile to the tobacco industry and that the local market had a sufficiently broad tobacco industry to attract good quality visitors.

Our current city locations of Dubai, Switzerland, and Surabaya remain popular and productive venues, and so for the foreseeable future, we will continue with our program, whilst looking carefully at shifts in market growth and regulatory environments. Right now, we are excited about launching WT Africa in Zimbabwe, a new business platform for the African leaf and tobacco industry. Watch this space!

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