Theodoros Iordanidis, UNITAB, President

Graduate of the Technical School "PROMITHEUS" with the specialty of mechanical engineer, a profession that he never practiced because he was and still is a tobacco grower.

In 1994 became Board Member of the CENTRAL SECTOR COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION OF GREECE (KAPNIKI). In 1997 became FIRST VICE PRESIDENT OF TOBACCO. In 1999 became President and, until today, President of the Greek Union Tobacco Producers. At the same time he has served as PRESIDENT of UNITAB (2020 until today).

From 2004 to 2009, he was also elected a member of SEKAP and was appointed Chairman of the Tobacco Committee. Until today he is the President of the Agricultural Cooperative of Tobacco Producers Lagada. Since 2017 he is also a member of the National Interbranch Tobacco Organization in Europe (ELTI) and currently Vice President of ELTI.

In 1998 he was elected Municipal Councilor in the Municipality of Apollonia, Prefecture of Thessaloniki and was appointed Deputy Mayor until 2002. 2002 to 2010: Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Apollonia, Prefecture of Thessaloniki. 2010 until today: Deputy Mayor of Economic Development and Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Volvi, Prefecture of Thessaloniki.