Przemyslaw Noworyta, UNITAB, Delegated Secretary

Since year 2000 he works as a Managing Director in PZPT (Polish Tobacco Growers Association). At the same time, he has represented Poland in UNITAB (Union Internationale des Producteurs de Tabac). Former President of UNITAB 2010-2012 and Vice President of UNITAB 2012-2014. Currently works as a UNITAB Delegated Secretary. His main task is to coordinate the work of the UNITAB Executive Committee, as well as to create activities aimed at defending the interests of EU tobacco growers. In addition, he is the co-Secretary General of the ELTI (European Leaf Tobacco Interbranch Organization) of which UNITAB is a founding member. Przemysław Noworyta was born in Kraków and he graduated in law from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.