Mercedes Vazquez, ITGA - International Tobacco Growers' Association, CEO

Since joining the International Tobacco Growers' Association (ITGA) in 2010, Spanish-born Mercedes Vázquez, accumulated a rather prominent profile in the tobacco sector thanks to her work travels to all corners of the world closely liaising with local growers and their institutions.

This has made it possible for her to get close to the specific concerns and challenges growers are facing, as well as the common ones. In this process, Mercedes has reunited a vast knowledge of the sector as she has been part of the many and different activities developed by ITGA. Besides, Mercedes has also participated in international events all through these ten years.

Before joining ITGA, Mercedes was a teacher and worked also in the leisure and tourism business. She is graduated in translation and interpretation, but her focus in the last ten years have been in the area of communication.