Free Conference Programme

The WT Europe Conference is proudly organised by ELTI – European Leaf Tobacco Interbranch

The full programme with speakers will be available here soon.

Theme: The future of European leaf tobacco

Subjects to be tackled:

1) ELTI – 2 years on

2) Tobacco markets and regulation developments:

3) Tobacco and sustainability

4) Do real alternatives for the tobacco supply chain exist?

5) EU Common Agricultural Policy and Tobacco

6) Raw Tobacco illicit trade and excise taxes:

7) Tobacco plain packaging: the state of the art, the outcomes of the implementation

8) The single use plastic EU Directive: impacts on the tobacco supply chain

9) The Tobacco Products Directive: ready for release 3?

10) The future of leaf tobacco associated businesses: machinery, services, communities, etc.

11) WHO FCTC COP9: possible regulatory developments impacting leaf tobacco

12) Tobacco and international trade issues