Flexkon is a conveyor and automation system supplier for the tobacco industry since 1995.

We serve major global brands as well as local manufacturers in 52 countries. At each stage of secondary manufacturing, Flexkon has approved transfer systems, such as: filter logistic systems; mass flow cigarette conveyors systems and buffers with compatible mechanical interface to all machine builder; pack and carton conveyors with elevators, gravity chutes and pneumatic directors; shipping case conveyor and EOL systems with barcode reading, sorting, database management and IS communications; complete electric and automation solutions and auxiliary equipment control; and Flexkon mechanical and communication interfaces shows a flexibility to all OEM cigarette making and packing machinery.

Our short quotation delivery terms allow customers to quickly adjust their position in the competitive market. Flexible nature and design knowledge of tobacco secondary systems prevent the costly relocation of making and packing machinery relocations. Foolproof simple system designs require a minimum level of maintenance and low spare part budget.

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