08 May - 09 May 2025
Geneva Switzerland

TabExpo was back with a bang in 2023 and we can't wait to land in beautiful Geneva in 2025, the home of some of the world's largest cigarette companies.

WVS - Meet the Buyer UK

WVS - Meet the Buyer UK

08 May 2024
East Side Rooms, Birmingham, UK

A unique opportunity for UK brands, retailers, and distributors to meet at an intimate networking event.

WVS - Meet the Buyer Asia

WVS - Meet the Buyer Asia

05 February 2024
Sofitel, Manila, Philippines

A unique opportunity for brands, retailers, and distributors in the Philippines to meet at an intimate networking event.

WVS - Meet the Buyer Europe

WVS - Meet the Buyer Europe

16 April 2024
The Westin, Warsaw, Poland

A unique opportunity for brands, retailers, and distributors in Poland to meet at an intimate networking event.



Introducing the new World Tobacco Asia Conference

World Tobacco Asia is back where it belongs, but this time, with an enhanced 2-day conference programme. Accompanying the in-person networking and business platform are 30+ expert speakers sharing their insight on the latest tobacco trends.

Dedicated to showcasing the future of manufacturing and processing tobacco, WT Asia will unite the industry for two days in September to support those professionals and companies serious about being part of an innovative, vibrant and sustainable tobacco industry for many years to come.

Indonesia tobacco: a market landscape

Indonesia tobacco: a market landscape

How has the tobacco manufacturing industry in Indonesia changed over the last year and what can we expect in the coming months?

Agronomy and growing tobacco

Climate smart agriculture practices for increasing tobacco yields

Panel discussion: Asia tobacco industry review

Whilst inflation and price pressures have been easing, the global tobacco shortage lingers. What are the biggest challenges and risks facing the tobacco industry in Asia? In this session, we are joined by the leaders in the sector to give their predictions and recommendations for the short and long-term.

Listening to consumers: key tobacco and cigarette trends

Join this session as an industry expert discusses what trends to look out for. How are consumer preferences evolving? What alternate products like heat not burn are growing fastest? What opportunities are available to diversify? Which brands are succeeding and why?

Tobacco regulation landscape

This session will take a detailed look at emerging and evolving regulations in Asia that will impact the tobacco sector in the short to medium term.

The future of tow: innovations in filters

With the ongoing supply issues of acetate tow as well as tightening rules for environmental protection such as the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD), what actions are cigarette companies taking? What innovation and products are on the market and in development for future-proof alternatives to acetate tow-based filters?

Panel: The Rise of HNB & smokeless and implications for tobacco

Next generation products such as “heat-not-burn” (HNB) or heated tobacco (HT), snus, CBD and more. Join this session of experts as they explore the USD 20+ billion smokeless tobacco market and increasing demand for cigarette alternatives.

  • New heating methods, new flavours – what are the technologies and innovations to look out for?
  • Which smokeless categories offer the greatest opportunity for growth over the next five years?
  • Which brands are succeeding and why?
  • With the EU’s ban on flavours in heated tobacco products last year, what is the outlook for regulation in Asia?

Protecting the future through sustainability

The need for action in the fight against climate change is becoming increasingly urgent. Join this session to learn more around sustainable practices including how your business can measure, reduce and understand it’s carbon footprint and why this matters. Hear from leading growers and manufacturers on how they are driving change and the impact it has had on their business.

Innovation showcase

The manufacturing and processing of cigarettes is a hotbed for innovation and new ideas, whether that be through technology, new product development, or sustainability. Join this innovation showcase as new and innovative companies are given a platform to share their innovations and you have the opportunity to ask your questions.


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